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If you’re living with missing teeth or cosmetic dental issues, you’re likely familiar with the challenges of daily interactions. Smiling for photos or enjoying your favorite foods can be uncomfortable, even painful. Issues like overcrowding or gaps in your teeth can also increase the risk of tooth decay, while a poorly aligned bite can cause ongoing jaw pain and other complications.

We’re pleased to provide full-mouth reconstruction treatments at Seattle’s Best Smiles in Kirkland, WA. Our dental reconstruction treatment plans can correct several dental concerns from restoring missing teeth to enhancing your smile with cosmetic procedures. Dr. Arkadi Razoumovitch uses a variety of procedures in one customized treatment plan to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Our full-mouth restoration treatment plans aim to restore the strength and health of all your teeth, while also enhancing the aesthetics of your smile and promoting a healthier mouth. To achieve optimal results, our dental reconstruction treatment options may include crowns, bridges, veneers, and even dental implants. We take pride in offering personalized full-mouth reconstruction plans tailored specifically to your needs, leveraging Dr. Razoumovitch’s extensive experience, continuous education, and in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and oral structures. Using a combination of art and science, we’re able to create a beautiful and comfortable smile that you can confidently enjoy for a lifetime!

A Process Built For You

If you’re experiencing conditions that are affecting your dental function, causing pain or discomfort, our full mouth restoration treatment plans may be the solution. Common issues that make our patient’s good candidates for our dental reconstruction services include worn or damaged teeth, teeth grinding, missing or decayed teeth, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome.
Your full mouth reconstruction treatment starts with a consultation with Dr. Razoumovitch where all your dental history will be reviewed, and your smile goals will be discussed. We then utilize 3D imaging of your mouth and obtain jaw measurements to properly create your treatment plan. To facilitate this, we’ll craft a complete treatment plan that will entail either one or more treatments to create the smile you have in mind. Throughout the dental reconstruction process, we’ll follow the treatment plan we designed to a T which creates an entirely precise and predictable procedure. Should you require more complex procedures, we offer a wide range of sedation options to maximize your comfort and ease throughout the process. The length of your recovery will vary depending on the specific procedures you elect to undergo. We can often provide you with a temporary restoration on the same day as your procedure.

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Full-Mouth Restorations And Customized Treatments

A dental crown is a ceramic cap placed over the base of your tooth. These are common for worn-down teeth or cases of severe decay where fillings aren’t enough. Crowns are also common restorations after root canal therapy.
Dental bridges are restorations that attach to two crowns on either side of a gap in your teeth, filling the space. They’re a high-impact, cost-efficient way to replace missing teeth.
Veneers are porcelain covers for the front of your teeth. Dr. Razoumovitch custom-creates them to cover chipped, cracked or gapped teeth, and you can have your full mouth reconstruction in as few as two visits!
If you have stained or yellow teeth, you may have tried at-home teeth whitening kits. However, getting this treatment from a qualified dentist can make a real difference in your results, brightening your teeth by several shades in just a single appointment.
The most advanced, long-lasting way to replace any number of missing teeth, dental implants are a gold standard of dental care. Our implant dentists insert the posts into your jaw, where they last a lifetime to bring you strength in both your jawbone and your teeth.
If you’re experiencing severe pain or tooth decay, a root canal may be in order! With modern technology and sedation dentistry, the procedure isn’t nearly as intensive as it used to be, and we have plenty of experience using root canal therapy to help save your natural teeth.
Cavities and tooth decay are a fact of life, but with natural-looking fillings, you don’t have to live with the old style of amalgam fillings. We can custom-create each filling to precisely match your tooth.

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We Make Your Smile Makeover Affordable

Our team at Seattle’s Best Smiles wants to make your dental restoration process as easy as possible. That doesn’t just mean using the most advanced technology for the actual procedures but working with you to make sure that you can afford the treatment you choose. That’s why we partner with many dental insurance providers and third-party financing options to split your payment up into manageable amounts. Everyone should enjoy their smile and we’re here to build one just for you at a price you can afford!

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