Safe Relaxing Dentistry

Dr. Mark Caggiano expresses his views on sedation dentistry. He has come across many people who have had a bad experience with their previous dentist. People tell him about instances where they have not been sedated properly and as a result have endured considerable amount of pain during their dental treatment. Dr. Caggiano states that Oral Conscious Sedation in Seattle is one of the safest and effective ways of alleviating the apprehension and anxiety related with dental treatments. Patients are advised to be dropped and picked by someone for the dental appointment. Dr. Caggiano calls his patients the next day for follow up and more often than not, patients are extremely pleased with their sedation dentistry appointment.
Dr. Mark Caggiano, DDS.
Sedation dentistry, I got into this about six years, actually six years ago. The reason I got into it is for, is to be able to help people that had bad experiences and that just can’t go to the dentist. They can’t make themselves go to the dentist for great reasons. They haven’t been numb, they’ve been judged by the dentist, they have had horrible reactions in the chair to a lot of different things. But basically, it’s a very safe, very effective method of allowing you to sleep your time away during the dental appointments. Its conscious sedation you’re conscious but you are asleep. We monitor the entire time you’re in our office. At the end of your appointment we give you a little bit of food, milk shake. You’re ride is here to take you home. We give you post operative instructions. You’re comfortable that night. You’re going, most patients remark two things after a sedation appointment when I call them the next day. Number one I haven’t had that great of a sleep in months and number two; I can’t believe I feel so good.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mark Caggiano, DDS has provided cosmetic and restorative dentistry in a comfortable, professional environment. Dr. Caggiano received a degree in Biology and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Southern California. He has had extensive post-graduate training and is a member of numerous professional organizations including The American Dental Association and The International Dental Implant Association. Dr. Caggiano makes dental treatment relaxed and comfortable for patients while enhancing their oral health and beautifying their smiles.

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