Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dr. Mark Caggiano expresses his concern about the way people perceive dentistry in Seattle. He has come across many patients who have been scared to visit a dentist due their bad experiences in the past. Some patients have been yelled at by their previous dentist for trivial reasons whereas others feel they have been judged. All these instances have created a negative impression in the mind of people with regard to dentistry. According to Dr. Caggiano, the only way to change this perception is by interacting with patients and establishing a strong bond of trust with them. Dr. Caggiano treats his patients with utmost care and ensures they stay comfortable before and during the treatment. This enables the patients to overcome their fears and anxieties regarding dental treatment.
Dr. Mark Caggiano, DDS.
High fear patients, high anxiety patients in my experience I’ve met so many patients that hadn’t been to the dentist for years. When I first started out in dentistry it just concerned me like why, what’s keeping people away and the longer I’ve stayed in dentistry the more I realise that we haven’t really dealt with people, we’ve dealt with cavities and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard patients tell me that they’ve been judged when they’ve gone to the dentist before. Dentists have totally yelled at them. Actually people tell me they‘ve heard, they’ve had dentist scream at them and yell at them, why haven’t you come in sooner, why haven’t you taken care of these problems. You know what it doesn’t matter to me what happened in the past. We can only deal with the present and the future. And if we can get things healthy and we can show you how to keep things healthy, most patients go with that, they like that.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mark Caggiano, DDS has provided cosmetic and restorative dentistry in a comfortable, professional environment. Dr. Caggiano received a degree in Biology and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Southern California. He has had extensive post-graduate training and is a member of numerous professional organizations including The American Dental Association and The International Dental Implant Association. Dr. Caggiano makes dental treatment relaxed and comfortable for patients while enhancing their oral health and beautifying their smiles.

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