New Patient Experience

Dr. Mark Caggiano provides comprehensive dental services in Seattle. He welcomes a new patient into his office with utmost warmth and affection. He ensures that he or she feels absolutely comfortable before, during and after the treatment. He gives his patients “please handle with care” form in which the patients have to answer 15 simple questions about themselves. These questions enable Dr. Caggiano and his team to get an insight into the patients’ minds and their medical history. He gives prime importance to understanding patients’ needs and their apprehensions.
Dr. Mark Caggiano, DDS.
As a new patient coming into the office is simple. We try to make things comfortable for patients. As a new patient, we put you back in the office here. You can sit on the nice couch, have a little bottle of water or some coffee and instead of filling out a health history form and us finding out all these different questions about you, what we really care about is how you feel and we give you a please handle with care forms. It’s got about fifteen questions on it or fifteen different statements. They talk about I don’t like shots or had a bad reaction to shots. Please tell me what I need to know about my oral health in order for me to make an informed decision. Very simple questions like that, it gives us an opportunity to start conversation with you and I listen, number one, to what you have to say and while you talking I take notes and then I address all the issues that you talked about. Lot of patients had a lot of different fears, anxieties about going to a dental office and to me, finding out what’s bothering you, is most important. It’s not a cookie cutter office; we don’t treat everybody the same way. I like to treat people the way I like to be treated. And that’s how I revolve around all patients’ care. It’s really important that you find out what’s going on inside your mouth and we allow you to make a decision based on that information. I’m not here to tell you anything but I’m here to kind of guide you to where you want to be and where you want to be is kind of given to me from this form that we have you go through.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mark Caggiano, DDS has provided cosmetic and restorative dentistry in a comfortable, professional environment. Dr. Caggiano received a degree in Biology and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Southern California. He has had extensive post-graduate training and is a member of numerous professional organizations including The American Dental Association and The International Dental Implant Association. Dr. Caggiano makes dental treatment relaxed and comfortable for patients while enhancing their oral health and beautifying their smiles.

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