Popular Smile Makeover Solutions

Popular Smile Makeover Solutions

There are many different dental care solutions that can be used in order to meet the needs of patients. For instance, there are plenty of cosmetic treatments available that can enhance the overall appearance of a smile. There are also plenty of restorative treatments that can be used to ensure a patient’s dental health is restored. In fact, when a patient experiences severe anxiety in the dentist’s office, sedation dentistry may be used in order to alleviate this nervousness.


With all of the above in mind, there is also a treatment option available known as a smile makeover. A smile makeover essentially involves a combination of dental procedures in order to enhance the overall beauty of a smile. Using his years of expertise, Seattle cosmetic dentist Dr. Arkadi Razoumovich will tailor your smile makeover specifically to your needs. Let’s take a moment right now to look at some of the most popular smile makeover treatments available.


If you have teeth that are stained or discolored, then you may be a good candidate for a teeth whitening treatment. These professional teeth whitening treatments are far superior to over-the-counter products that you can get at home. In just a single teeth whitening session, your smile may wind up 10 whole shades brighter.


Seattle porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile treatment options out there right now. These thin shells of dental ceramic are fixed to the fronts of your teeth. When in place, they can conceal imperfections, making chipped teeth, cracked teeth, severely stained teeth, and slightly misaligned teeth look absolutely stunning.


If you have just minor chips or cracks on your teeth, you may be able to undergo a simple dental bonding procedure to help enhance the appearance of your smile. Dental bonding involves the use of special ceramic composites and resins to help patch up cracks and restore tooth structure.


Advances in dental lasers mean that we can use lasers to help address problems with the soft tissues in your mouth as well as the teeth themselves. These dental lasers are also able to be used for diagnostic purposes, such as cavity detection. As a Seattle cosmetic dentist committed to the best care for his patients, Dr. Razoumovich is glad to be at the forefront of this technology.


Getting the best smile makeover results really means enhancing your overall dental health as well. Indeed, a smile makeover is ineffective if it’s only focusing on the aesthetics. We will be sure that we tailor the smile makeover to your needs so that your smile looks great and is as healthy as it can be.


Using the above treatments and many other advanced procedures, we can help your smile look its best and be its healthiest. To learn which smile makeover treatments might be the best for you and your needs, be sure to contact our Seattle cosmetic dentistry practice today. We look forward to your visit.

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Dr. Arkadi Razoumovitch, DDS provides cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry in a comfortable, professional environment. Dr. Razoumovich received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Washington. He has had extensive post-graduate training, including residency training at the University of California Los Angeles, and is a member of numerous professional organizations including The American Dental Association and The Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Razoumovich makes dental treatment relaxed and comfortable for patients while enhancing their oral health and beautifying their smiles



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